suzanne gifDr. Suzanne Estep became interesed in the audiology field at an early age as a result of her own experiences with congenital hearing loss. In 2011, she received her Doctor of Audiology degree from The University of Texas at Austin and continues to hold her Certificate of Clinical Competency with the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. She then proceeded to work in an ear, nose, and throat clinic and in hearing aid dispensing practices across the country. She moved from Austin, TX to the Northern Virginia area with her husband and daughter in 2015.

Dr. Estep has experience in diagnostic audiological testing and fitting hearing aids on both pediatric and adult clients. She is knowledeable on the latest hearing technology and best practices in fitting protocols. Due to her own personal experience using hearing aids, she is able to understand the struggles and concerns her patients have as they learn to use their own hearing devices.

Dr. Estep believes in a patient - centered philosophy that includes listening to, informing and involving patients in their care. She hopes to provide care that is respectful to individual patient preferences and hearing needs.